Accessing God’s Presence

What’s the purpose of church? Accessing God’s Presence                                                                            The little picture on the left talks about today’s church.  It refers to when ministry becomes performance, the sanctuary becomes a theater, the congregation becomes an audience, when worship become entertainment, and man gets the glory and applause – stage full of flashing lights, loud music, … Read more

Spiritual Tetris Effect

                     Spiritual Tetris Effect                                                 Jim Burns The Tetris Effect is a brain game one can do on Xbox that one can get absorbed in for hours and the brain continues to think about the repetitive thoughts in the game. The Tetris effect is repetitive work that is known to cause repetitive thoughts and … Read more

An authentic encounter

      An authentic encounter with Jesus will always be confronted by the devil to stop          the move of God in your life. One of the administrators of Asbury University says, “Can I tell you about my experience at Asbury? In case you didn’t hear, thousands of people from all over the world were/are flocking to … Read more

Don’t take My Word for it

Don’t take my word for the Asbury Revival, see for yourself                                   Jim Buns I want to share some perspectives from some of those who have been there.  A friend of mine, Tony Portell from Indianapolis, was there.  Zach Bennard was there, Matthew Rice was there, and Beck Taylor, President of Samford University witnessed … Read more

A Beautiful Distraction

                       A Beautiful Distraction -True Revival                           Do Not Destroy it by human greed                                                      Jim Burns Sometimes all we need is a beautiful distraction from the day to day, humdrum ceremonies and rituals in the church to see the “true church” of Christ Jesus function. The Asbury University move of God, the spontaneous, … Read more

God is Shining through the Darkness

                       God is shining through the Darkness! with a spontaneous hunger for God, God moves                                            Jim Burns Just a few days ago I read some staggering statistics about what’s happening to the Christian movement in America, how Christianity is making a mass exodus in the United States. This research has affirmed that secularism is … Read more

Read Short Story here

<iframe allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen” src=”” height=”600″ width=”100%” frameborder=”0″></iframe> You can read my Short Story via flipbook – Living a Life that Counts – by clicking the link above.

The Red Zone

                                                                                           Jim Burns Red Zone definition:  a red sector on a gauge or dial corresponds to conditions that exceed safety limits. Red Zones are used in Football, in military conflicts, on college campuses, in shooting ranges, and in many other ways.  Today we want to look at the Red Zone in the Christian … Read more

Sharing Your Dash

                               Sharing your Dash                                                                                                                 Jim Burns To ramble is to wander around in an aimless manner; to take a course with many turns or windings in a random, unsystematic fashion, to write in an aimless way, straying from one subject to another merely for the pleasure of it. Well, I just got another … Read more