God’s GPS, the Holy Spirit

God’s GPS, the Holy Spirit How many of you have a GPS in your car or on your cell phone?Do you use your GPS to find your directions and get to your destinations?   In this electronic generation, most of us rely on a GPS to help find us to get to a desired destination.  Do … Read more

Seeds of the Kingdom

                                                Seeds of the Kingdom Matthew 13:1-9; 18-23 In Jesus’ parable of the sower and the seed points to God’s great generosity in spreading His Word over the earth. The Sea of Galilee looks a bit like any beautiful lake near where you live – Caddo Lake or Lake of the Pines.  The Sea … Read more

An Old Man’s Wisdom

  An Old Man’s Wisdom is a Good parable of Conservative verses Liberal thinking I read this little story a few weeks ago that spoke to me and I want to share it.I don’t know who wrote this, or if it is true or a fabricated novel story, but as I read the story I … Read more

Building a church for unchurched – a kaleidoscopic Equation

                 Building A Church for the Unchurched – a Kaleidoscopic  Equation                                                    Acts 2: 41-47 When you were a kid, did you ever have a kaleidoscope?  Remember as you slowly turned the tube, colors begin to fall into place creating a beautiful picture. Look at the picture above and be reminded that a kaleidoscope is made … Read more

Having God in your boat…

Having God in Your BoatGen. 3-1-9; Rom. 5:12-17 Having God in your boat doesn’t mean that you’ll not face any storms, that your dreams will not be broken, that you will not have devastating injuries, dreaded diseases, lose your job or your career, or your family will break up, it means that no storm, no … Read more

There is One Body in Christ

Jim BurnsIn our day there are many faith groups, denominations, and religious sects that callthemselves part of the body of Christ, and they may very well be. I would neversay they are not part of the body. On the other hand, there are some in thosegroups that have the idea that only those in their … Read more

What’s That in Your Hand?

                                                                                                    Exodus 4:2 Background:  God’s people (Hebrews) where in bondage in Egypt (some say from 116 – 430 years) and the people no doubt probably thought God had forgotten all about their plight.    However, a little Hebrew baby boy (around 1520 B.C), of the tribe of Levi, was born (during the decree … Read more

Fix Your Eyes on Jesus

Jim Burns Most mornings I get up early, make myself a cup of coffee, feed the cats, and the dog, and sit on my front porch for a time of meditation and prayer – my dog, Miss Dolly, usually at my feed, and Zeb, the cat, usually goes down the steps and sits on the … Read more

The Prophetic Message

a hard message to deliver                                      Isaiah 12:2-10; Jeremiah 17:5-10; Luke 6:17-26 Slowly he rose, and the crowd fell silent.  Those in the back leaned forward, straining to hear.  The atmosphere was electric.  He spoke, with carefully chosen words that flew like a swift arrow that found his mark.  The great man, a spokesman for … Read more

When will the Shofar Blow?

The shofar in the Hebrew Bible was a ram’s horn. It was used with a loud blast to bring attention of the people for an important announcement or a call to arms.  It was the shofar that was blown by Joshua and his troops to bring about the collapse of the walls of Jericho (Joshua 6:4-5).  The sound of … Read more